We’re All Going To Die

Well I think the title says it all!!! We’re All Going To Die delves into the authors own 20171109_143822.jpgfears of death and dying and how our traditions surrounding the dying and dead have changed over time. This book was not what I was expecting to be honest. I though I would be reading about how to deal with death in general. Instead I was given a bit of a history and cultural lesson ¬†instead. Not that I am complaining as I found this book very easy to read and very entertaining, even if the topic is a bit morbid. The book discusses our own fears of mortality as well as the dread of losing our loved ones. A look back at how cultures used to remember and commemorate that dead as compared to today is insightful and interesting. The book also discusses how people often deal with the death of a loved one, including children, and how the elderly and ill view their own mortality. This is a subject that does not get discusses openly, even though we are bombarded with death and dying everyday. Simply turn on tonights news broadcast and you will see what I mean. I know from experience that when I discuss death, majority of people don’t want to hear about it. They have convinced themselves that I will beat my cancer and live a long, happy life. Everyone dies, it’s the one thing that every living soul on this planet has in common. Yet most people run in terror at the thought of it. This book is informative and insightful and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in learning more about death and how it has changed over time.