Useful Links


Bowel Cancer Australia –

Free service with loads of information and resources on bowel/colon cancer, including recipes, patient resources and a list of questions that you should be asking during each stage of your journey.

Cancer Council Australia –

Again a free service that provides all kinds of information. I used this organisation a lot for  to talk to the free nutritionist service. They also provide information on where to get legal and medical advice and online resources. This site it not specific to any one cancer, but is a great resource for all cancer related topics.

Mobile Apps

Bowel Cancer Australia

This free app provides loads of free information on bowel cancer, including how to live with bowel cancer, recipes, buddy systems and support services.

My Fitness Pal

I used this free app to track what I was eating on a daily basis. The app records the nutritional value of each food product and has a handy scanning function so that most food products that have a barcode can be scanned straight into the app. I found this really helpful in understanding what I was missing from my diet.

Simple Weight Tracker

As the name suggests, this app helps to keep a record of your weight. Again, this is a free app and allows you to view your weight changes over time.


Anti-Cancer by Dr David Servan-Schreiber

This was the first book that I read on cancer and I found the information very helpful. The author is himself a cancer survivor and discusses his own experiences as well as way to help fight cancer. He discusses diet, lifestyle, super foods and what cancer is and how the cancer cells work. 

The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook by Dr Clare Shaw

This cookbook provided loads of recipes that assist in keeping you healthy during the different stages of treatment. As this information is general, you may need to taylor the recipes to suit your requirements. 

Other Sources of Information

Local Medical Practitioner/ General Practitioner/Doctor

A good local doctor will be able to provide you will plenty of information and ongoing support. My local doctor referred my to the clinics nurse who then took the time to work out a long term medical plan. She made appointments and referrals for me to see other specialists such as a dietitian and bowel nurse. It is also nice to have someone local that I can talk to about any small issues that I may be concerned about.


Personally, I used both of these together and I felt it worked really well. I would talk to my surgeon or specialist who would tell me the type of diet I need to be on (generally either high or low fibre). I would then discuss this with the nutritionist who would inform me of the types of foods that the diet should include. For this service I used the free nutritionist at Bowel Cancer Australia. I would then write down a diet that I would be able to stick with and would take this to the dietitian who would make adjustments were needed.