Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

This book completely changed the way I thought about my treatment. The book is beautifully written and very easy to read. For this book, Kelly A. Turner interviewed thousands of people that had beat cancer against the greatest of odds as well as healers 20171109_143739.jpgfrom all around the world. With this research in hand, she investigates the many reason that these survivors are still alive long after their initial diagnosis and are living cancer free. Of the reason, nine stood out; diet, control your own health, intuition, herbs and supplements, suppressed emotions, positive emotions, social support, spiritual connection and strong reasons to live. Each chapter delves into these reasons and introduces us to people that have used these to beat cancer. The stories are uplifting and inspiring. Personally, this book made me sit up and decide that I was going to take more control in my treatment, rather than simply following doctors instructions and waiting for the chemo to work. I highly recommend this book for anyone that is currently on their own cancer journey. It really highlights how we can help ourselves in our greatest time of need.