My Bucket List

After my diagnosis I started to compile a bucket list of items that I wanted to achieve. This is a live list and forever changing. Items are added, items are completed and as they are I will be updating them here.

Short Term (0-2 Years)

Item Added To List Completed Date Comments
See an Aurora 2017
See the Stomalites 2017
Photograph the Milky Way 2017
Visit Craig’s Hut 2017
Take a selfie with a Quokka 2017
Draw a bird using charcoal 2017
Relearn the guitar 2017
Marry Megan 2017
Swim with seals 2017 March 2017 Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania. Australian and New Zealand Fur Seals.
See a wild Orange Bellied Parrot 2017
Camp at Wilson’s Prom 2017
Read a “mystery book” 2017
Create a book of bird photos 2017
Read Megan’s favourite book 2017 May 2017 The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy.
Enter a photography competition 2017
Be a tourist in Melbourne 2017
Watch the top 50 movies from IMDB 2017  Ongoing
Eat every cake variety from Peter Mac 2017  Ongoing
Spend a night alone in the woods with only minimal items. 2017
Take art classes 2017
Read Goodreads Choice Award Winners 2017
Watch all of the Star Wars movies in order 2017
Swim with Dolphines 2017

Long Term (2+ Years)

Item Added to List Completed Date Comments
Visit the Great Barrier Reef 2017
Go on a last minute, unplanned holiday 2017
Go to Sydney Mardi Gras 2017  March 2018  20180303_164127.jpg
Go overseas with Megan 2017
Graduate 2017
Read the top 10 books from Amazon 2017  Ongoing
Travel Australia 2017
Visit every town in Victoria (yep….that’s a biggie!!) 2017
Visit Australia Geographic’s (AG’s) top 10 outback towns 2018
Visit AG’s top 10 outback experience locations 2018
Visit AG’s top 10 classic Australian National Parks 2018
Visit AG’s top 50 bush and beach locations 2018
Undertake’s 9 great Australian road trips 2018
Visit’s 10 otherworldly places to see in Australia 2018

Completed prior to diagnosis


Added to List

Completed Date


Learn to ride a motorbike


October 2009

Learnt to ride on an old Suzuki 185


Join the CFA



Became a member of South Morang CFA


Take a roadtrip within Australia


June 2012

Roadtrip through outback South Australia


Travel overseas


January 2016

Spend three weeks in Cambodia


Learn to use a DSL camera



Although not an expert, I only use the manual settings


Take a photo that wow’s me


July 2016

A White Bellied Sea Eagle and a Swamp Harriet fighting mid-air over an Eurasian Coot


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