Laughing At Cancer: How to Heal With Love, Laughter and Mindfulness

Ros Ben-Moche’s book; Laughing at Cancer; takes a personal look at her experience with 20171212_123835.jpgbowel cancer.  The book is formatted in the way of a journal or diary with the short chapters making it ideal to read when not feeling well.  Ros brings her experience in the health and wellbeing field into a well-rounded informative book which provides an unconventional approach to cancer therapy. The stories allow the reader to journey into the day to day live of a cancer patient and their family. Well worth reading for anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer and is looking at alternative treatments that will help with a more  conventional regime.

This book has inspired me to try and keep a journal myself. Although, I am terrible at keeping to a regular writing program. It was also enlightening to see someone else discuss bowel cancer in such an open and honest way.