Gawler Foundation : Meditation Retreat

Wow, Wow and wow. The meditation retreat offered by the Gawler Foundation was incredible. Bearing in mind that I am someone that never really considered mindfulness and meditation would ever become a part of my everyday life. After this weekend I now meditate numerous times daily as well as partake in yoga and qigong.The weekend is designed to teach the theory and practice of meditation and well as introduce you to healthy eating menus, mindfulness, breathing and qigong. Offering five plant based meals per day, it is a starting point for anyone that want to become more conscious of eating habits and to become more mindfully aware. The weekend starts on a Friday evening and continues through the Sunday evening. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend this weekend away to anyone that is even slightly interested in becoming more mindfully centres and aware of their own bodies. I have discuss this weekend in my blog available here.