When The First Option Doesn’t Work

After 10 cycles of Folfox chemotherapy, a CT scan has shown that this treatment is having no effect on my cancer. The lesions within my peritoneal cavity have grown and an MRI has shown that the lesions in my liver have increased from four to 11. As a result, surgery is now off the table for now.

Why didn’t it work and what’s next?? So it turns out that I have a mutant gene called KRAS. This gene has apparently made the folfox treatment ineffective. This gene also unfortunately places me in the bottom third of the survival bell curve with the average survival being six to 18 months. We are now changing to a chemotherapy treatment called Folfiri. We are also looking at clinical trials options, with positions opening for an immunotherapy trial in a couple of months.

This news is obviously not what we were hoping for, but we are not giving up. We are still hopeful that my new treatment will give us positive results. In the meantime we are planning some new adventures and ticking more items off the ol’ bucket list.

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