Geez I Collected Some Crap

So it’s fair to say that in my 36 years on this earth that I have collected a lot of crap. I seem to not only have stuff scattered around our house, but also mum and dads house and shed. There’s collectable figurines, motorbike gear, bowling balls, books, dvd, the list goes on and on. Up until my diagnoses I had always put this stuff in the back of my mind. Thinking that one day I would get around to sorting it out. I continually put it into the too hard basket. But now it’s different. Now, if I don’t do it, others will be stuck having to do it for me. I need to get it done before I get to sick and unable. So over the last month or so I have been slowly sorting out my crap and selling it off. Old laptops, mobiles, dvds, magazine collections and so on have gone to new homes. The last thing I want after I’m gone is for my loved ones to have to go through this stuff and decide what to do with it. So slowly but surely I will continue to sell off my worldly possessions until all that is left are items that can be easily rehomed to family and friends.

This may all seem a little weird and morbide to some, but think about it. We all accumulate lots of little bits and pieces here and there. The hula girl figurine from that trip to Hawaii, the stubby holders from Bali, Malaysia and New Zealand, received gifts that have sat in the cupboard for years and numerous articles of unused clothing, unread books and over watched dvds. Most of us have an accumulation of crap. Now what happens to this stuff if you couldn’t deal with it yourself. It’s those around you that need to pick up the pieces and to be honest, they more than likely have bigger things to deal with.

I’m sure I will continue to collect crap for as long as I’m around, but maybe my current situation calls for a more minimalist approach.

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