First Follow Up Scan

Eight days ago I underwent a CT scan in order to see if the chemotherapy had impacted my cancer. A CT scan involved drinking a contrast prior to the scan as well as having a images (1)
contrast injected into the body whilst the scan is underway. You lay on a platform which moves in and out of a donut shaped machine. In all, I was only in the scan room for five minutes, but it was an anxious five minutes. For days before the scan, during and for the five days before I got the results, a feeling of anxiety settled in the pit of my stomach.

I was hopeful that the results would show that the lesions in my liver and peritoneal cavity had shrunk, or even better, gone altogether. Three days ago I had a consult with my oncologist and surgeon to find out the results. They informed me that the cancer was stable, however there was a new legion in the liver. They believe this very small lesion may have been there before I started chemotherapy. So basically the lesions haven’t shrunk, but they haven’t grown either. Not exactly the news we were hoping for, but it could have been alot worst. I may have been too optomistic given I had only undergone six chemo cycles. This news didn’t make me jump with joy, but it didn’t lower my spirits either. Stable…..we can work with that.

So, what’s next? Well I am happy to be recieving a small break from chemo whilst the doctors and surgeons discuss what to do with me next. After my last cycle my body really needs the break. My specialist team are hoping to be able to operate on the liver to remove the four legions and at the same time perform a procedure called Hyperthermic Interperitoneal Chemotheropy  (Hipec). This procedure involves flushing highly concentrated heated chemotherapy through my abdominal cavity. The ideal result from this would be to remove all of the lesions in my cavity and if successful leave me cancer free for the time being. There is one small hurdle to all of this…..timing. The lesions in my cavity need to be continually treated with chemo, however my body needs to be free of the chemo drugs before they can operate on my liver. There also needs to be a break of at least six months since my last operation which was four and a half months ago. So all of the little ducks need to be in a nice neat row before we can continue with this plan.

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