Live Each Day To The Max ….Or Not.

When I was initially diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer and given six months to two years to live, I thought I would spend this time living it up. I would do all the things I ever wanted to do. I would travel, buy a new car, read all the unread books on my shelf and see as many rare and wonderful things I could. There was so much to cram into two years.

It has now been almost six months since my diagnoses and to be perfectly honest, I have17157688_10154485103888412_7687881575812622975_o.jpg not done anything I thought that I would do. I have been on one small holiday to Tasmania, read a few books and marked some small items off my bucket list. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting the precious time that I have left. Other times I am just happy being as I am. Then there are the times were I am simply not up to undertaking any activities other than sleep. In the last six months I have undergone keyhole and major surgery, recovered from both of these and then undergone two and a half months of chemotherapy. This really hasn’t left much time for extra curricular activities.

Just because I have been given a rather shitty prognosis, doesn’t mean that the outside Propertyworld stops spinning. There are still bills and a mortgage to pay, a house and property to maintain and normal day to day responsibilities to be undertaken. With a cancer diagnosis you do not get given a bag full of money to pay for your adventures. You still need to save and continue with a modified normal life.┬áSo in reality, simply dropping everything to undertake holidays and the like is simply not realistic.

As time goes on I feel more comfortable just enjoying my time. Simply having a day to 17493037_10154537570633412_2542890137361933423_oread, binge watch a television series or hangout in the garden makes me happy. I don’t necessarily need the big holidays and adventures right now. I would like to do these things at some stage, I just have to make sure I don’t leave it too late. I have learnt that there is nothing wrong with just being in the today. I have already thought enough about the future and planned for it as best I can. I have reminisced on the past and the adventures I have already had.

So for right now, I just want to be happy and content.

2 thoughts on “Live Each Day To The Max ….Or Not.

  1. Hi Mel, So very glad you do have time to ‘smell the roses’. I am sure it is hard to find a balance between what has to be done day to day, turn up for treatment, breathe and maybe have some fun. I was with my husband while he lived out his life after a cancer diagnosis. To be honest it was the best time of our married life because we slowed down, treated the disease and its treatment with respect, loved each other and just tried to keep things simple. All the best my dear to you and yours.

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    • Hi markhueink and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am terribly sorry to hear about your husband. I am glad that you both were able to enjoy each others company before hand. I agree, I think that keeping things simple is important. I makes you appreciate the little things in life.


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