A Local Connection

Having only just moved into a new area one month prior to being diagnosed with bowel cancer, I initially felt a little isolated. I didn’t know what services and support the local community had to offer. Would there be the appropriate facilities nearby or was traveling long distances my only option? 

A visit to my local doctor soon eased my concerns. The clinic not only offered a GP service, but also had nurses on hand and a pathology facility. This medical centre became an important part of my preparation and recovery from major surgery. The nurses provide consults to advise on other services that were available and helped to organise appointment. I would have been completely lost without them. The nurses organised appointments with a dietitian and other specialist nurses which really helped me prepare for surgery. After surgery I was there every second day for two weeks having my dressings changed as well as numerous other visits. This, I believe, is one of the reasons that I recovered so well. 

Part of my chemotherapy treatment is having a bottle attached to me for 46 hours. Only a trained nurse is to remove the bottle due to the nature of the chemotherapy drugs. Due to living in a regional area, traveling back to the hospital to have the bottle removed would have been very inconvenient. Thankfully there is a local regional nursing service. These wonderful ladies come out to our home every fortnight to disconnect me. It removes the stress of traveling during a time that I am not feeling very well.

I consider myself very lucky to have these local services available to me and I sure I will be calling on them again in the future.

Responding to the Daily Post Challenge – Local

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