To bucket list or not to bucket list?

I have always kept a mental bucket list of activities that I wanted to achieve within my lifetime. It contained the normal items such as travel around Australia, read such and such book, swim with this animal and that, you get the picture. But I never felt the need or urgency to write them down and therefore I seemed to not be as committed to each item. This may be because I thought I had another 50 plus years to achieve them.

Well, if there is one sure fire way of getting you to putting pen to paper, it’s when you are told you have between six months and two years to live. Within a week of my cancer diagnosis I had started to form a modified version of my mental bucket list. Only this 20170623_152728time it was on paper. My list was contained within a custom made notebook which my partner had made for me. The notebook was given to me for other purposes, but for some reason it felt fitting to use it for the things that I would hopefully achieve. I started to carry my notebook with me everywhere and add bucket list items as they came to mind. So how did items make it to my list? Many of the items were not big and extravagant, but rather activities that someone with cancer could complete without too much trouble. At this stage I had no idea just how sick I would get, or when I would become ill. So being very realistic was a must. I also had to be mindful of expenses. I didn’t have time to plan and save for many of these activities. Although, I did put a few more expensive items on my list to keep me motivated. They also had to be items that genuinely excited me, not simply because I felt they needed to be on a bucket list. I didn’t have time to complete other people’s activities. So what had made it to my bucket list so far?? My bucket list and it’s progress can be here.

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