Four cycles in….is it working yet??

I am now four cycles into my chemo treatment and I’m not sure whether the side effects get worse or whether I have become less tolerant of them. I continue to get the peripheral neuropathy, nausea and fatigue which I still consider to be lucky given the side effects that one can get. But is it working yet?? Well time will tell. After my sixth cycle I will have a PET scan to see what has changed. Worse case, nothing has changed or the tumours have grown and I will continue chemotherapy until October. Best case, the tumours have shrunk enough that I can have surgery to remove them from my liver. Here’s hoping for more surgery!!

We are starting to toy with the idea of cannabis oil (if I can get it) to help with the neuropathy and nausea, but it’s hard to find legally from what I can tell. But why?? I get increasingly frustrated hearing people who have found comfort in using cannabis oil having issues accessing it because some nitwit in Canberra has his/her head up their rear end. Even with the removal of said head from rear end, the processes take so long and are drawn out and beaten to death before anyone can be assisted. In some ways we are an extremely lucky country in Australia. I am thankful for our healthcare and Medicare system everyday, but we are so slow with many processes that other countries now see as the norm. Ok, rant over.

So for now we wait, wait for the sixth cycle, wait for the PET scan, wait to see if the drugs have worked.

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