Power Port…In My Chest??

Yes, you read that correctly, I have a power port in my chest. No, it’s not at actual power port that you would find in your average home. But rather a small device that is inserted under the skin in which a needle can be injected to administer my chemotherapy.


Source: http://mirg.com.au/

In order to have this inserted, I underwent minor surgery in which I was awake the entire time. This was a little unnerving to say the least. Due to my veins being small and fragile, I was given the little green whistle (Penthrox) to subdue the pain of the procedure. In all it took only 45 minutes to complete the insertion and although there was no pain, I could feel every movement that the surgeon made. A cut was made into the left hand side of my chest in which the port itself would slide into, sort of like a little pocket. A small tube was then fed under my skin and up to my neck where another small cut was made. It was here that a vein was cut in order to fed the tube down the vein until is reaches an area near my heart. This allows for a more effective dispersal of the chemotherapy drugs as opposed to having the drugs injected into the veins in my arms. Weird yeah! So now I have this little bump on my chest, which to be honest I am a little scared of. Is it going to move around my body? Probably not, but it still makes me feel uneasy.

The recovery from this procedure has been clean and simple. I am on Panadol for the pain and only have some restricted movement.

I am now officially ready for chemotherapy.

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